About Us

Dare To Be Distinctive by Norahs Khan is a fusion of art and spirit uniquely designed for each individual that wears this artful collection. Distinctive Designs are adjustable for more than one look from each item.

I invite you to honor your body with Norahs Khan Designs, an expanding fashion collection that flirts with comfort, versatility with a distinctive flare. Norahs Khan Designs are soft, flirty and comfortable to wear daytime or evening. Most of my designs are adjustable and changeable for more than one style. My collections has a design for every body type from small/petite to medium/curvy to tall/voluptuous. My collections includes, blouses/tops, wrap dresses, wrap skirts, head wraps, lounge wear, swim wear cover-ups, maternity wear (during pregnancy and after delivery)…it is all versatile. I choose easy care fabric that is comfortable to your body.